Down Home

American pop culture dominates South Africa: the filler "like" has invaded our speech, with "you know what I mean?" hot on its heels; American chart-toppers are as common as any home-grown talent, as are the usual Hollywood rumours and superstars; and, despite the seasonal differences, we also look to the States for style cues. Gangster bling, Beyoncé-inspired bootylicious jeans and killer heels have made it big, and there are more than a few Playboy-esque blondes on the streets of Stellenbosch.

Today, though, I'm thinking of Texas—big hats, girls and boys in sun-worn plaid, butt-hugging jeans and cowboy boots, maybe even a straw hanging loosely out the side of one's mouth.

To mix up the look, we found African beads in shades of plaid and went with a messy True Grit-inspired plait (or braid, to stay in the North American idiom). —E




What could be a better reminder of summer than freckles?


All in the details

An A/W post that's been waiting too long! We loved D.C.'s subtle, carefully considered look.



Remember Marelize?



Dark lips and a severe brow are simple touches that add a delicate quality to a powdered face. Quite "Coco Rosie" in style, sometimes looking the fairy you feel inside brings a little mystery and magic to the outside world. Living out of the pages of Vogue would indeed be dreamlike and fantastic, though perhaps not practical. Sometimes even the artworks that appear on the ramps are simply beyond the occasions that a relatively mundane life presents us with...but the odd ethereal touch can never go to waste. Playing with metallic colours, silks and lace, layering, emulating rosebud shapes with lily-shaped skirts and petalled shirts, and studding the ears with sparkly costume jewellery large enough to entice magpies from their nests.

When I received it as a gift from my beautiful artist mother, this ring immediately reminded me of Thumbelina, one of my favourite Disney movies when I was young. It is made up of gold petals with a small amethyst in the centre, like a poppy plucked from one of those magical dreams I never want to end. When I was little I remember longing to be like Thumbelina bobbing along a treacherous river on an oak leaf, pursued by a lusty frog and numerous amorous beetles. I find it funny that even at such a young age beauty and desire were known concepts to me. They filled my dreams and were the driving force of my fantasy games and Christmas lists.

Now that I am grown, fantasy has been watered down with harsh reality—the sobering-up process started with a notorious freckled bully at junior school informing me that neither Father Christmas nor the Tooth Fairy existed, and continues on today with the news that one’s heart can indeed be broken, and that one’s birthday is just another day in the year. But before we become too cynical, there are some bezaubernde experiences in life that do bring back the fantasy to life: the hypnotising clang of singing bowls in a Buddhist temple, or a piece of fresh sushi that melts in the mouth; a beautiful dress that fits like a glove; seeing a loved one’s face through a glass pane at the airport after a passage of time. Style is one of the ways that the unimaginable can become imaginable.


Miss Imperious

Layering textures and colours is an art in itself. Since the decorative breastplate necklace has become à la mode, big bold jewellery has become more acceptable. Miche and I toy with the idea of layering neckpieces for a more dramatic look.

Keeping make-up simple with this look is perhaps best to avoid looking overdressed or as if one got lost in granny's attic. I don't advocate caring what people think when it comes to clothing, but sometimes one has to take into account what is appropriate at what time. Although it would be wonderful to appear at a job interview dressed as a warrior ready for battle, the effect on a grey-suited Mr. Brown might not be what one hoped. By all means go all out, but know what is "in" for the occasion and make it your own—advice for a Miss or Mister Imperious. —E


Big Sunglasses


Style Review: Matt



Another beautiful girl on Ryneveld. —M


Last day

Emma, just doing her thing in black lace and pearls. —M