Pauli: a spontaneous nature boy and aspiring surfer. With his head filled with reckless adventure, Pauli is a lovable rogue with whom one cannot stay cross for long. His turquoise tee shirt is the colour of the ocean in keeping with his "chill your ghost" attitude. Olive, brown and red are his favourite colours; earth tones reflect his love of the outdoors, and red speaks to someone who is loyal, loving and strives for happiness and eternal summer.


Docksiders on the one foot and plaster of paris on the other; a small hint of Pauli's style. Back in school, he was quite the sailor man and spent many a weekend on the water; this shoe is a tribute to the good old days. "Shoes and jackets are my favourite items of clothing. I hate throwing clothes away. I nearly threw away my favourite hoodie when I left it at the coast. I thought, 'Jeez bru, I should just toss it.' But my friend Nick Burman said 'No bru, keep it!' So I keep clothing for the stories that go with them."


"The cross is half colours. My crownies and I have a gang, and every time we go on an adventure we get awards. Half colours is the wooden cross (bought on the roadside in Somerset West), then comes a t-shirt (three-quarter colours?) and full colours is a blazer." But isn't half colours the best prize? "No man, it's a sick blazer."

To dear old me, from a family of girls, this is all a mystery—but it inspires intrigue. For those who are bad at starting conversations, grab a conversation starter piece, an object that is different; but be sure to have the attitude to pull it off, or you could end up looking like an off-duty priest.


English Rose

Caramel. A copper-khaki. Camel. Indulgent and exotic, reminding one of spice routes and desert sands. A browner shade of saffron or ginger with tones of cinnamon, vanilla, turmeric and nutmeg...a delicious colour fragrant with discovery.

This fringed silk scarf reminds me of a Persian carpet; a souvenir of a trip to Arabia that I've not yet made.

This clothing recalls Kristen Scott-Thomas, in a cross between her roles as Katharine Clifton in The English Patient and Annie McLean in The Horse Whisperer. The eerie romance of endlessly rolling desert dunes and the beauty of healing something broken. How I do love drama!



Alexandra is an exchange student from Germany, here in South Africa for nine months. Two and a half months in, she's blossoming in our fine country, where the winters are milder and the atmosphere is "more relaxed".





When I asked Mich who Albe reminded her of, she instantly said "Charlotte Gainsbourg!" Albe's ruffled-luxe style is indeed a casual, free-spirited riff on the French actress and songwriter's look (as well as that of her mother, style icon Jane Birkin). With her hair scruffed up in a bun, it may be that Albe just "rolled out of bed"; but her dress-for-comfort approach is certainly more successful than most.

"I'm studing a BA in Humanities and my favourite subject is Visual Studies. I dream of opening my own art gallery one day. I want to make it small, intimate and romantic, and for it to feel like home. I love the idea of taking back a piece of home. In terms of style, I buy key pieces in neutral colours so I can mix them up." A creative spirit thrives on bringing new meaning to classic shades.




Jiva jiva jiva, that's Yoliswa. Studying a BA in marketing, she resists the pinstripe conformity: electric blue is dazzling and wouldn't have the same effect on anyone else.


Her slim figure is complemented by tight fitting geometric patterns. The beads add a traditional touch and a bit of femininity. "I live very far from here, and I'm going to a party later, so I got ready before." Yoliswa, you're gonna zap 'em dead in this number. Just like you say, you "make it your own."


Aspiring lawyer Nina caught our eye on the way to Friday morning class. Her black biker jacket, matching oversized leather bag, easy-fit jeans, crumpled floral scarf and sparkly Wizard of Oz-esque shoes simply begged us to stop her and ask: "What did you feel when you got dressed this morning?" Nina, surprised at being stopped for her style, said that she was in a rush and just "threw on" whatever she felt like.



Black nails and a biker jacket—tough, gothic—are softened by a messy bun, country lace undershirt and vintage earrings that once belonged to her grandmother. Nina wears no make-up, which gives her a done-up-but-not look that is neither prissy nor scruffy.


Black leather and sequins are traditionally worn at night, but Nina snubs all the should-do's by wearing them in daylight. Put together in a hurry, Nina’s "tough-dainty" ensemble is romantic but gritty enough to face a challenge.




We were thrilled when Marius, a law student, cited one Chuck Bass as a modern style inspiration. (For photos of his [stylist's] genius, see here, here, here, and here.) We wish more lads around campus would follow Marius' lead; he doesn't own a single tee shirt, but has several pairs of suspenders—clearly a man with his sartorial priorities in order. He also confessed to having gone through an emo phrase, but declined to share photographic evidence.



Nothing like the pride of wearing dad's bag; Yonela (Yum-Yum) is a vision in velvet black and chocolate brown. Her copper and black braided hair completes her "ethno-boho" look: "I wouldn't call my look strictly boho...I'm not scruffy!"

"I have no icons. I dress to fit my style. But my best philosophy has to be 'wear it when it's out.' I'm taking a BSc in Earth Sciences and want to go into diamond mining one day...or maybe even oil refining."


"I found my dad's bag in the garage, all covered in this white stuff. Since no one else was using it, I cleaned it up and brought it to varsity. Now I use it every day." Her dad's postman bag is a diamond in the rough—the first of many special finds, we're positive.


"I just throw it all on." That's what all the guys say! Is it the truth? Or are they just not admitting that they do, in fact, spend time on themselves? In any case, Jan, a fourth-year law student, pleads "not guilty."

"I don't like looking overdressed for the occasion. I like to be simple. Elegant. I always buy simple classics. But today I’m missing home a bit, so I’m going for Joburg vibes."

"This watch is my first big purchase. 25 drum lessons…a lot of bad drumming!"

"I love these shoes. They're tan...can't afford real leather, so I guess this is the next best thing. I always go for dark colours, often organic. I hate neon." Leather or not, these shoes have got attitude, and as for dusty colours: always a win. Neutrals form a lovely palette for all wardrobes. That's my neighbour Janni x

I've got soul, but...


One of my all-time favourite books is Pat Cavendish's A Lion in the Bedroom. The daughter of an exquisite duchess, this London "It Girl" grew up among the rich and famous in the wildest extravagance imaginable and then led an even wilder adult life in Kenya with her pet lioness.

Cavendish's book is a jewel, filled with dazzling descriptions of her life. I remember one in particular, in which she describes the decor of her holiday home in the south of France: the walls and cushions were the colour of "the under-side of an olive leaf." I have always tried to imagine what colour this would be...a dusty olive-green perhaps? Slightly silver. Delicate yet potent at the same time? A colour that inspires inquisitiveness and an adventuresome spirit.



A mission in military: day one of our Bluestockings (ad)venture! Kitted out in khaki and ready for action. Bleu-marine (navy) also evokes ideas of wartime at sea.


But the "military look" is not totally unsentimental: just as soldiers kept pictures of their loved ones to their breasts, so I keep my memories round my wrist: these bracelets were given to me by my mother on my 18th birthday, and I've received a bracelet every birthday since.

It's become a tradition in my family and now each daughter receives a set when she turns 18. The familiar jingle of silver will now keep us four bound forever. Each bracelet is unique and has a personal message etched on it to remind us of certain life lessons, or qualities that we should focus on to lead the fullest life possible. I've had this comment from a number of people: "So if I count the bracelets, can I figure out how old you are?" Very funny. I'm not a bloody oak tree!




Education student Alicia caught our attention with her sparkly beanie and pretty swallow necklace: "I'm going home..."



Maureen's philosophy is simple: "Just live." Black, white and grey pop against jailstripes and neon pink, giving winter a reality check: just 'cause you're here doesn't mean we can't work it! "I like to be warm and comfortable, and to stay dry (winter is so dreary!), but I dress to cheer up."


A flame-coloured bag? Why not? "I'm not an imitator...but I do buy magazines. Me and my friends pool them together so that we can all get a look at what's hot."



Sometimes you wake up and just need some colour in your life. I was once in a science class and my professor sizzled his eyebrows on a burnt-orange flame. Sans sourcils, he happily grinned: "If a woman was wearing an evening dress the colour of that flame, the same thing would have happened!"


I love this scarf. The colours are so romantic and exotic... and much like a cocoon, its silk is light and wraps around one like a dream. Try it on a cold day - it keeps the wind out.


Tra la la my Burberry-safari stockings! Some might say a stunt the craziest of clowns wouldn't pull, but to be worn on a day when you just can't face them legs but want to acknowledge their existence anyway. Loved the looks I got from wearing these!


This style is all about the harlequin...playing the fool with colour, pattern, length and size. As the days get colder, frost-bitten fingers can tempt one to pull on something black or grey (usually woolly and always shapeless). But I have always refused to give in! Put on a dash of colour and the weather will warm to you.


And so at last we found one: a male specimen for our darling blog...and what a mission to get him to stop! Moritz doesn't give dressing a second thought: "I dress for the occasion." With a take-away Kafee in hand, naturally finger-combed hair and a days' stubble, Moritz is actually quite elegant. Some just have it, I suppose.


Stunning chestnut leather boots with a bit of heel—the understated, gently-worn leather smacks of an adventurous spirit.


"If you want to take my picture for porn, okay. But if it's for some student magazine, no thanks."



Jani dressed with the leaves this morning. "What I always seem to go for is black, white and a touch of colour. I think life over all is pretty grey, so I try to give it a bit of colour. Studying science I have noticed there seem to be only yes and no answers. I think there's more to life than that."


"My mum gave this bag to me when I came to university. I wear it everyday and it goes with everything." Miche and I had a peek inside this lovely leather bag and found it as charming inside as out: houndstooth-lined and tinted with age.




There they are: the reefs. In the magical moment when your breath-misted goggles clear, you spy those jewel-like fish floating like petals with the currents. Coral lipstick.


This outfit reminded me of South Asian dreams: saffron, sand and then black: the reality.



If you've got the legs, you need the boots to show them off. Stacey is a model and third-year law student who hopes to further her studies with a BSc. "My favourite colours are black, red and white. I usually stick to them. I like to look good and feel good. My leather jacket and my boots are staples in my closet. What do I think of short skirts? I love them! And besides, I'm pretty used to them from modelling."





Roxanne is ultimate embodiment of "the cut": slick and uncomplicated style in mahogony, white and black. Like her clothing, her dark, choppy bob is high-impact.


Shoulder detailing and a brown leather side bag add a less structured, personal touch.


Roxanne is chic and projects ambition with creativity and attention to detail. The "cut" has a feathered edge.


Fleur de lis

This is my dreamy dress: if she had a name, it would be Winnifred. Winnifred is the kind of autumn dress that I throw on when the leaves are fire and the trees fireworks, bidding farewell to the summer and the colour that it brings.



"My look is simple, no accessories usually." There is something so beautiful about a girl on her birthday: simply looking at her, one even begins to feel a little spoilt with the gift of a happy person who wants nothing more than to celebrate another year with a single wonderful day.


"Every morning I wake up late, then my roommate and I look at the weather. I check out what my roommate is wearing as she's a bit more creative than me, and then I choose what to wear. I try to wear something different everyday. I don't really look at magazines (can't afford them!) but I do enjoy wearing what looks good. I really love varsity because it's far more adventurous than school, and I'm definitely influenced by what people wear on campus." Kim is an example of someone who has grown in her style and is becoming more adventurous. Although she is influenced by others, and knows "what looks good", what matters is what feels good for her. Kim's birthday surely brought her many good wishes—our is that her style keeps blossoming.