English Rose

Caramel. A copper-khaki. Camel. Indulgent and exotic, reminding one of spice routes and desert sands. A browner shade of saffron or ginger with tones of cinnamon, vanilla, turmeric and nutmeg...a delicious colour fragrant with discovery.

This fringed silk scarf reminds me of a Persian carpet; a souvenir of a trip to Arabia that I've not yet made.

This clothing recalls Kristen Scott-Thomas, in a cross between her roles as Katharine Clifton in The English Patient and Annie McLean in The Horse Whisperer. The eerie romance of endlessly rolling desert dunes and the beauty of healing something broken. How I do love drama!

"...aristocratic English, jodhpurs, riding boots, the works!" was Miche's comment. The English rose: perfume layered with accents of Katharine/Annie/Kirsten, with the essence of Emma-Tiffany.