Sometimes you wake up and just need some colour in your life. I was once in a science class and my professor sizzled his eyebrows on a burnt-orange flame. Sans sourcils, he happily grinned: "If a woman was wearing an evening dress the colour of that flame, the same thing would have happened!"


I love this scarf. The colours are so romantic and exotic... and much like a cocoon, its silk is light and wraps around one like a dream. Try it on a cold day - it keeps the wind out.


Tra la la my Burberry-safari stockings! Some might say a stunt the craziest of clowns wouldn't pull, but to be worn on a day when you just can't face them legs but want to acknowledge their existence anyway. Loved the looks I got from wearing these!


This style is all about the harlequin...playing the fool with colour, pattern, length and size. As the days get colder, frost-bitten fingers can tempt one to pull on something black or grey (usually woolly and always shapeless). But I have always refused to give in! Put on a dash of colour and the weather will warm to you.


Anonymous said...

How did you tie your scarf???