When I asked Mich who Albe reminded her of, she instantly said "Charlotte Gainsbourg!" Albe's ruffled-luxe style is indeed a casual, free-spirited riff on the French actress and songwriter's look (as well as that of her mother, style icon Jane Birkin). With her hair scruffed up in a bun, it may be that Albe just "rolled out of bed"; but her dress-for-comfort approach is certainly more successful than most.

"I'm studing a BA in Humanities and my favourite subject is Visual Studies. I dream of opening my own art gallery one day. I want to make it small, intimate and romantic, and for it to feel like home. I love the idea of taking back a piece of home. In terms of style, I buy key pieces in neutral colours so I can mix them up." A creative spirit thrives on bringing new meaning to classic shades.