"I just throw it all on." That's what all the guys say! Is it the truth? Or are they just not admitting that they do, in fact, spend time on themselves? In any case, Jan, a fourth-year law student, pleads "not guilty."

"I don't like looking overdressed for the occasion. I like to be simple. Elegant. I always buy simple classics. But today I’m missing home a bit, so I’m going for Joburg vibes."

"This watch is my first big purchase. 25 drum lessons…a lot of bad drumming!"

"I love these shoes. They're tan...can't afford real leather, so I guess this is the next best thing. I always go for dark colours, often organic. I hate neon." Leather or not, these shoes have got attitude, and as for dusty colours: always a win. Neutrals form a lovely palette for all wardrobes. That's my neighbour Janni x