"My look is simple, no accessories usually." There is something so beautiful about a girl on her birthday: simply looking at her, one even begins to feel a little spoilt with the gift of a happy person who wants nothing more than to celebrate another year with a single wonderful day.


"Every morning I wake up late, then my roommate and I look at the weather. I check out what my roommate is wearing as she's a bit more creative than me, and then I choose what to wear. I try to wear something different everyday. I don't really look at magazines (can't afford them!) but I do enjoy wearing what looks good. I really love varsity because it's far more adventurous than school, and I'm definitely influenced by what people wear on campus." Kim is an example of someone who has grown in her style and is becoming more adventurous. Although she is influenced by others, and knows "what looks good", what matters is what feels good for her. Kim's birthday surely brought her many good wishes—our is that her style keeps blossoming.