Aspiring lawyer Nina caught our eye on the way to Friday morning class. Her black biker jacket, matching oversized leather bag, easy-fit jeans, crumpled floral scarf and sparkly Wizard of Oz-esque shoes simply begged us to stop her and ask: "What did you feel when you got dressed this morning?" Nina, surprised at being stopped for her style, said that she was in a rush and just "threw on" whatever she felt like.



Black nails and a biker jacket—tough, gothic—are softened by a messy bun, country lace undershirt and vintage earrings that once belonged to her grandmother. Nina wears no make-up, which gives her a done-up-but-not look that is neither prissy nor scruffy.


Black leather and sequins are traditionally worn at night, but Nina snubs all the should-do's by wearing them in daylight. Put together in a hurry, Nina’s "tough-dainty" ensemble is romantic but gritty enough to face a challenge.


Robin said...

This site is awesome! I love this girl's outfit.