Pauli: a spontaneous nature boy and aspiring surfer. With his head filled with reckless adventure, Pauli is a lovable rogue with whom one cannot stay cross for long. His turquoise tee shirt is the colour of the ocean in keeping with his "chill your ghost" attitude. Olive, brown and red are his favourite colours; earth tones reflect his love of the outdoors, and red speaks to someone who is loyal, loving and strives for happiness and eternal summer.


Docksiders on the one foot and plaster of paris on the other; a small hint of Pauli's style. Back in school, he was quite the sailor man and spent many a weekend on the water; this shoe is a tribute to the good old days. "Shoes and jackets are my favourite items of clothing. I hate throwing clothes away. I nearly threw away my favourite hoodie when I left it at the coast. I thought, 'Jeez bru, I should just toss it.' But my friend Nick Burman said 'No bru, keep it!' So I keep clothing for the stories that go with them."


"The cross is half colours. My crownies and I have a gang, and every time we go on an adventure we get awards. Half colours is the wooden cross (bought on the roadside in Somerset West), then comes a t-shirt (three-quarter colours?) and full colours is a blazer." But isn't half colours the best prize? "No man, it's a sick blazer."

To dear old me, from a family of girls, this is all a mystery—but it inspires intrigue. For those who are bad at starting conversations, grab a conversation starter piece, an object that is different; but be sure to have the attitude to pull it off, or you could end up looking like an off-duty priest.



We had to ask: What is the history of the hair?

"Ok. Year one, I started out with it shaved off clean (end of school tradition), then I got mudguards at the Oxbraai music festival. Year two I had a siff mullet (res tradition), then I shaved it bald and let it grow. Year three, I've let it grow long again." Where to from here? "Dreads?"

Got to love him.


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