"I wake up, look at the weather and then wear what I feel. Today is my friend Kimi's birthday, and it is a little sunny, which is nice as winter approaches. In general, I'd say my style is more relaxed; I don't like to stand out too much." Pippa is quite practical in her thinking when choosing her outfit: she looks at the weather and considers the occasion, but practicality doesn't mean her clothing is hard or overly functional. Pippa unfortunately won't have much success "blending in": her casual, layered style accentuates her shape and reflects a sense of self that sets her apart.


"I like to dress classically but always creatively. I study medicine and people on campus are quite clinical in their style of dress. I'm quite lucky because I come from a creative family. My sisters and especially my mum are inspirations. I do look at people around me, and adore Sienna Miller's style—but I don't take that much notice of fashion."


Pippa's leather boots are made for walking: hardy, functional and might have a story or two to tell. Pippa's earthy tones and textures show she's rooted but able draw on outside influences. That's my darling sister!