Marelize is by no means lost in translation. Studying an MPhil in Afrikaans-English Translation, Marelize hopes for a future in editing or freelance journalism. "I love overcoming the barriers of translation, and helping people to understand is exciting. Translation can open so many doors. Suddenly, culture, literature and language become one and the world is wide with opportunity."




A is working with incredible big puppets for the World Cup. —M





I'm really liking this South African take on the ever-stylish Canadian tuxedo. —M


Down the rabbit hole

Emma and I are both away on holiday, but we'll be posting some snaps of stylish people taking part in the World Cup mania on Cape Town's Long Street and elsewhere. It was pretty crazy, so I couldn't interview anyone; but South Africa, you are beautiful! —Michelle


Mon cœur est plein

End of term. Absolutely exhausted, washing basket spilling over—this outfit is the product of being creative with what's left in the cupboard. It is during these crises that certain pop-on pieces come to the rescue: a headband as an excuse for scraped back hair, my mother's black and white polka dot scarf, which adds a bit of pattern to a simple costume palette, and of course, winter wardrobe staples. A simple black dress (to be worn alone or as an under-dress), black stockings, black cardi and another winter-shaded dress which can be layered any which way.




We spotted Elisabeth on her way to the library. In the middle of exams, when baggy-tracksuit-greasy-hair syndrome is rife, this Tanzanian beauty stood out immediately. Her daring asymmetrical haircut—shaved on one side and  long on the other—cuts to the chase, in line with her no-nonsense personality.


Waiting with a purpose


The impatient tap of a foot, the rhythmical drumming of fingers, a wistful sigh and vacant stare, broken by the occasional glance at a wristwatch. Like plucking eyebrows, the minutes slowly tick by one by one, itchy and painful as each passes...waiting.


An ardent follower of the fashionably late, I have an incredible knack for being twenty minutes overdue (on the dot) for every appointment I make. I'm not proud of it, but in my case tardiness seems utterly unavoidable. Time to me is Dali's melted clock flung over a bough: a hopeless cause.


Katrin & Gogga

Wearing her mother's dress with grey knit stockings, round-toe flats and a little cardigan, Katrin looks gentle and kind. Plaited hair recalls fond childhood memories: of cooking with Grandma, bedtime stories and the joy of finding a ladybug on your shoulder. A truly darling ensemble.


Thia is a Management Accounting student with unusual style. Dressed from top to toe in second hand vintage, Thia finds shopping on a budget and buying at a bargain a thrill. "My boots are from a Chinese shop; my dress and belt are from a second hand shop, and I saved my bag from the rubbish heap. My boyfriend thinks I dress like an ouma (Afrikaans for "granny"), but I don't care. I love what I wear."


Agent Provocateur

Blue (35)

I love this top; it reminds me of soft pink icing on baby shower cupcakes. Or perhaps a tea tray lined with grandma's lace, with a small plate of dainty pastel macarons piled high. Soft, delicate and as fragile as the crust of a crème brûlée.

The detail on the back of this blouse is perhaps what gives it most of its charm. Black and dusty pink—the dainty lingerie colours of Agent Provocateur.


Style Review: Charl



Growing up as a twin, did your mother dress you and your brother differently? How would you say your style relates to his, if at all?

My mom loved dressing us up. Who wouldn't want to dress twins?! If we weren't wearing identical outfits, she almost always coordinated our clothing. It's gloriously embarrassing. The photographs of us are hilarious!

Today, we have the same taste, and we usually end up buying the same clothes. I would say that he dresses slightly more conservatively, while I have outfits which he would never ever wear himself (although secretly he probably wants to!). But we definitely wear each others' clothes. This is great, because it makes for more variety and choice—although there are some items I am not allowed to borrow. Like his grey cardigan. I know I’m not supposed to wear it, but I do so almost every day. I love his grey cardigan. (Don't tell him!)


Boys on Film


Two more from our shoot with Pauli.


Trees talk in whispers

Thank you to everyone for the warm welcome, and especially to The Frock ReportZee and Let them eat cake for featuring Bluestockings. Please keep commenting as it helps us to discover other South African blogs (we love Thando's Pretoria-based Dilo) and we're keen on constructive feedback. Also: notice anything different about the top two photos? They were shot on Michelle's beloved film SLR. Film's ambient magic, along with the AE-1's dragonsnap shutter, is hard to beat.


When I put my cardigan on this morning, I never thought I'd end up in the tropical section of the botanical gardens...but our trip with Pauli reminded me that I hadn’t been there to dream in a while. I have always had the habit of squatting on my haunches when relaxing, and have even been referred to as "the little Indian" (somewhat ironic since I'm 185 cm tall!). The last time I visited the gardens, I was squatting on a bench in the green shade, immersed in a book. Hearing a click, I looked up in surprise and found myself facing a throng of Chinese tourists, all with super-sized lenses directly targeting me! With my honey-coloured floral dress and fairy-like squat they must have thought I was a statue (or a garden gnome come to think of it!). Oh crumbs...