Katrin & Gogga

Wearing her mother's dress with grey knit stockings, round-toe flats and a little cardigan, Katrin looks gentle and kind. Plaited hair recalls fond childhood memories: of cooking with Grandma, bedtime stories and the joy of finding a ladybug on your shoulder. A truly darling ensemble.


This adorable cat brooch must be a tribute to Katrin's real-life cat Gogga (named for the millennium bug). It's as if one of the charming creatures she draws has come to life and hopped onto her cardigan.


With her mother's watch ticking at her wrist, time is in good hands. See if you can't inherit something from a family member as well. It makes all the difference to how you feel wearing that item—surely, it must be the love.

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Ginta said...

There is something Charlotte Gainsbourgy about her.