Marelize is by no means lost in translation. Studying an MPhil in Afrikaans-English Translation, Marelize hopes for a future in editing or freelance journalism. "I love overcoming the barriers of translation, and helping people to understand is exciting. Translation can open so many doors. Suddenly, culture, literature and language become one and the world is wide with opportunity."


"I always wear earth tones because they best describe me as a person. I especially cannot live without the colour green and my black skinny jeans." Is she inspired by celebrities in any way? "Of course; somebody has to be glamorous! I love Kate Moss and Sienna Miller's style." And what does she think of celebrities who present themselves as role models—can we take them seriously? "Well, celebrities are there for entertainment. It's not their job to teach us morals."

What do you think? Should style and action go hand in hand?


Red hair. My father, dubbed "durry-durry-carrot-tops" as a child, sports bushy red eyebrows, and my aunt has flame-coloured hair to die for. I still remember hearing my grandmother's cries of woe each time my mother fell pregnant: "Darling, if it is a redhead I simply do not know what I would do!" But, as time has passed, the increasingly rare combination of red hair and milky skin has become quite desirable. As Marelize says, "I remember being teased as a young child because of my hair, but now I work with it."


Marelize reminds me of Patrick Süskind's flame-haired beauty in Perfume. Perhaps Jean-Baptiste Grenouille would have appreciated A Rare Breed, photographer Julie Baum's blog devoted solely to natural redheads.


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Embracing Style

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