Mon cœur est plein

End of term. Absolutely exhausted, washing basket spilling over—this outfit is the product of being creative with what's left in the cupboard. It is during these crises that certain pop-on pieces come to the rescue: a headband as an excuse for scraped back hair, my mother's black and white polka dot scarf, which adds a bit of pattern to a simple costume palette, and of course, winter wardrobe staples. A simple black dress (to be worn alone or as an under-dress), black stockings, black cardi and another winter-shaded dress which can be layered any which way.

Close your eyes, make a wish, draw in a long breath and blow. When I was little, I believed that fairies travelled on dandelions and was sure that my puff of breath helped them along. Even today I find it uplifting to watch the feathered seeds soar. Just enough to raise one's spirits on a dull day.

Mon cœur est plein de potpourri. This necklace lives in my special jewellery box, and is one of those pieces I haul out once in a while when I'm feeling out of inspiration. It is a silver heart-shaped cage, carved in magical twisted vines. At the side is a tiny clasp. A flick of the clasp and the heart springs open. I have always been fascinated by jewellery with secret locks and crevices. One can hide special keepsakes close to body and especially close to the heart. I fill my heart with potpourri, which sends a whiff of aroma into the air that lingers like the final note of a church organ. Holy and fulfilling, this special heart is sacred and secretive.