Little Creatures

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Monsters! Large, green, covered in hairy boils and yellow pustules; with bloodshot eyes, rusty claws, pit-dark nostrils, grotesque gut-wrenching growls and high, blood-chilling screams.

This headpiece, intricately crafted in silver, is Ursula from The Little Mermaid come to life. Terribly beautiful. As De Villiers himself says, "I strive to be like the octopus, elusive and slippery, chameleonlike in my camouflage, vanishing in a cloud of inky black when cornered."



So much to love about these two: the natural closeness of their body language, their use of the same pieces—crisp white shirts, denim, flats and great accessories—to create distinct looks, and their beautiful hairstyles (friend no.2 definitely gives Janelle MonĂ¡e a run for her money with the ultimate quiff). —M