Little Creatures

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Monsters! Large, green, covered in hairy boils and yellow pustules; with bloodshot eyes, rusty claws, pit-dark nostrils, grotesque gut-wrenching growls and high, blood-chilling screams.

This headpiece, intricately crafted in silver, is Ursula from The Little Mermaid come to life. Terribly beautiful. As De Villiers himself says, "I strive to be like the octopus, elusive and slippery, chameleonlike in my camouflage, vanishing in a cloud of inky black when cornered."

Monsters sometimes rear their ugly heads in the everyday world and continue to inspire fear and curiosity. Young children, warned to stay in bed lest hidden monsters gobble them up, but will still sneak a frightened peek. Little eyes bright with terror, heart hammering, they peer into the dark and gloom with expectation—as though something might stare back.

Why does our fascination with monsters persist today? It seems we have always sought explanations for evil—from the sly snake in the story of Adam and Eve to Grendel in the epic Beowulf.


This necklace and accompanying vial remind me of chainmail and knights in shining armor. Fairy tales are full of figures good and bad, though good (almost) always conquers all.


De Villiers' monsters are wearable, living works of art. Suddenly, monsters are far more approachable. His octopus and frog prince rings bring fairy tale creatures to life and playfully help us to face our inner demons.



If brushing your teeth is the monster you hate, grin and bear it! De Villiers' tongue-in-cheek bubble-gum pink bristle ring brings a bit of funk and humour to everyday life.


This brooch recalls Alice in Wonderland, entering another world. "Creatures in my head" proves that dreams are worth living and fears are worth confronting.


And what of aliens, UFOs and life on Mars? De Villiers' brooch is a deliciously quirky form frozen in time and worn boldly on the chest.

And just in case you imagined Bluestockings to be a very serious, high-minded operation…


…we had great fun on this shoot!


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Great to discover a South Africa fashion blog, loving it!!!!!!!


Sarah said...

love the headpiece- so unique and pretty!
Great blog dear xxx