Style Review: Chrissy

We've just gotten back to South Africa after our working holidays in China (Emma) and Thailand (Michelle)—the next few posts will showcase a little of what we saw.

First up: Michelle's very own sister Chrissy, who works for Mary Ching Shanghai, a luxury accessories company that's changing the face of "Made in China." Follow the adventures and inspirations of the Mary Ching Girls on their highly entertaining blog, and for great Beijing street style check out Stylites.






Describe your style in three words.
C'est impossible!

Who is your greatest style inspiration?
One day it could be Pheobe Philo, the next, Rhianna. I'm incredibly inconsistent.

How has your style changed over the past five years?
Change occurs according to budget. Sigh.

What do you look to for everyday sartorial ideas?
Altamira: Modelsoffduty.com.

The one item of clothing you can't live without?
Diesel jeans.

The most bizarre outfit you've ever worn in public?
Too many to mention. How about silver patent boots, black and white zebra tights, a multi-colour jersey shift dress and a mullet?

What's on your playlist at the moment?
Whatever my brother Dave just gave me - Band of Horses being the favorite.

Your idea of true happiness?
An endless shopping budget and loving homes for all stray animals across the globe.

And your motto?
Don't look back!


kendal croix. said...

love these photos

Ginta said...

Beautiful shots! That updo is something! So elegant!
I so understand style inconsistency :) But I guess it's a good thing too as it allows to play a dress up every day.

kbd said...

to me, one of the best things about fashion is that you can change what you wear according to your mood... now, if only I were as stylish as Chrissy!