Style Review: JJ

JJ is one of my good friends from high school, and I'm so pleased that we finally had a chance to take some pictures together. On an island where boardshorts and flip-flops reign, his outfits are always immaculate. We shot these in Phuket Town, which is the best place to go when you need a little cultured beauty, rather than tourists and beaches. There are so many examples of really fine Sino-Portuguese architecture, which seemed appropriate because JJ's Chinese roots in Phuket stretch back several generations. Thank you, JJ! —M



Who is your greatest style inspiration?
Both my parents have always been somewhat impeccable dressers and certainly my greatest style inspirations throughout my life. As Chinese descendents, they were raised in an era where casual clothing was frowned upon and dressing to impress was heavily encouraged to not ‘lose face’ in front of the society and all that. Their clothes have always been carefully tailored and they have always looked well put together. I believe that amidst their hectic work schedules, sartorial discipline was embedded in every part of their lives.



Describe your style in three words.
Sleek, detailed, and skinny.

What do you look to for everyday sartorial ideas?
Mostly from various online fashion blogs. The Sartorialist, for instance, has a great deal of inspiring street fashion looks. I’m currently addicted to reading blog entries posted by Katelovesme though. He is who I wish I was.




How has your style changed over the past five years?
I’ve learned to invest and spend more on decent quality accessories and collective pieces. I work 6 days a week in a job where reliability and professionalism are to be expected, so I guess my wild-child period back in college is behind me. My purchases these days pretty much go into plain solid colours and smart carefully constructed details. Now that I’m like, umm, old – I’ve figured those little details really are the most important.






What's your advice for dressing in the heat?
Definitely give your flip flops a miss unless you’re at the beach and instead go for a good loafer. Ditch the denim miniskirt unless you want to look like an aspiring prostitute.

The most bizarre outfit you've ever worn in public?
You’ve seen me in it! At Watermark... [M: a zebra jumpsuit, blonde wig and the word "Gaga" were involved.]

What's on your playlist at the moment?
Robyn. Plan B. Duffy. B.o.B. Justin Bieber… I shamelessly have a big weakness for really cheesy top 40s, especially those from the 90s. Something fun and slutty.


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Bryan Boy better watch his back! Love your style, little J.

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