The Bare Minimum

A well-made dress, bright scarf and simple flats are all you really need. —M




Knitting Pretty

Jacolien was also featured in our last Matie piece; we couldn't resist her jewel-blue scarf (and gamine hairstyle, which she cuts herself). Those of you with a yearning for yarn should check out Yokoo's Etsy shop for similarly beautiful and dramatic knits. —M


Auditions, emerald forests

And now comes the time that every clothing lover or indeed any creative being hates: when inspiration melts and shrivels into a hard ball like a plastic straw on fire, useless and airtight; when one's wardrobe is suffocatingly dull. One must look to life instead.

Swathed in a grey poncho and armed with a jewelled breastplate, I left my flat ready to fight. With a to-do list stretching to hell and back, a jam-packed class schedule and an audition for a dream job all in the same day, I was left gasping for breath. Miche and I happened upon a patch of shrubs which, through a lens, looked like an emerald forest. Finally I could see the magic in the everyday again. It's all around us in glimpses; it just takes an open, creative mind to see it. —E



Edwain Steencamp is one of the most sensitive and gentle souls I've ever met. Always impeccably dressed, Ed pays attention to the smallest, most exquisite details. He and I have spent many hours sipping frothy cappuccinos at our favourite café, discussing life and plans; our to-do list is as long as a royal parchment roll, but we delight in the sheer fact that it exists.



And marching across the road (nearly causing a car accident in the process), who did we spy? A dad with an amazing 'fro strolling along with junior in his pram. "Stop, stop! Please can we take your picture, you are the coolest looking dad ever!"

Practically dressed in a utilitarian anorak and jeans, dad's funk could be seen a mile away—it was clear in the rhythm of his step and the shine in his eyes. "If you value yourself, you value the way you dress. If you're true to yourself, show it in what you wear. Life is beautiful, people are beautiful. God is the ultimate creator and we are his works of art."



We ran this photo of Johnnie in our scarves piece for Die Matie. Keffiyehs are something of a student clichĂ© (if it's in a Vampire Weekend song, it qualifies), but we liked the neat v-neck tuck and his couldn't-care-less-if-it's-out approach to clothing. —M