Auditions, emerald forests

And now comes the time that every clothing lover or indeed any creative being hates: when inspiration melts and shrivels into a hard ball like a plastic straw on fire, useless and airtight; when one's wardrobe is suffocatingly dull. One must look to life instead.

Swathed in a grey poncho and armed with a jewelled breastplate, I left my flat ready to fight. With a to-do list stretching to hell and back, a jam-packed class schedule and an audition for a dream job all in the same day, I was left gasping for breath. Miche and I happened upon a patch of shrubs which, through a lens, looked like an emerald forest. Finally I could see the magic in the everyday again. It's all around us in glimpses; it just takes an open, creative mind to see it. —E