Edwain Steencamp is one of the most sensitive and gentle souls I've ever met. Always impeccably dressed, Ed pays attention to the smallest, most exquisite details. He and I have spent many hours sipping frothy cappuccinos at our favourite café, discussing life and plans; our to-do list is as long as a royal parchment roll, but we delight in the sheer fact that it exists.

Like-minded in our love of rummaging through thrift stores, Ed picked up his lace ruffled-shirt at a bargain. "It is one of my absolute favourites. When I saw it, I had to have it." —E


nuša zupanc said...

I discovered your blog today and oh my! it's so lovely! I like the way you take your photos, how you choose words to describe people in your previous posts and your style of writing is so interesting, yet so different. I can't wait for more posts! :)