And marching across the road (nearly causing a car accident in the process), who did we spy? A dad with an amazing 'fro strolling along with junior in his pram. "Stop, stop! Please can we take your picture, you are the coolest looking dad ever!"

Practically dressed in a utilitarian anorak and jeans, dad's funk could be seen a mile away—it was clear in the rhythm of his step and the shine in his eyes. "If you value yourself, you value the way you dress. If you're true to yourself, show it in what you wear. Life is beautiful, people are beautiful. God is the ultimate creator and we are his works of art."

With a dad who loves music, art and his beautiful wife, baby is sure to keep grooving till he's grown.  We also loved this good advice, simple but often forgotten: "Express yourself and be what you want to be." —E