Down Home

American pop culture dominates South Africa: the filler "like" has invaded our speech, with "you know what I mean?" hot on its heels; American chart-toppers are as common as any home-grown talent, as are the usual Hollywood rumours and superstars; and, despite the seasonal differences, we also look to the States for style cues. Gangster bling, Beyoncé-inspired bootylicious jeans and killer heels have made it big, and there are more than a few Playboy-esque blondes on the streets of Stellenbosch.

Today, though, I'm thinking of Texas—big hats, girls and boys in sun-worn plaid, butt-hugging jeans and cowboy boots, maybe even a straw hanging loosely out the side of one's mouth.

To mix up the look, we found African beads in shades of plaid and went with a messy True Grit-inspired plait (or braid, to stay in the North American idiom). —E


Arianne said...

I love your blog! New reader, but I think your shots are so gorgeously vivid. :)